Sustainable Hayfield

Do you realise that the Earth receives more solar energy in one hour than the entire population of the planet uses in one year!



First check out how many Earths you need to maintain your present life style

Web site:How Many Earths do I Need?

DTI Low Carbon Buildings Programme
For basic information on:

Microgeneration Technologies



Wind Turbines

Small Scale Hydro

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Web site: DTI Low Carbon buildings programme

Climate Change

Some thoughts


Mike Crompton

This Cold House

By Local Author: Colin Smith
The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency



Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air

A popular book by David J.C. MacKay

Professor of Natural Philosophy
Department of Physics
University of Cambridge

To be published on paper, and for free on the internet, in 2008


James Lovelock


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