The Birth of Hayfield Parish Council

4th December 1894

At the first Parish Meeting for the
Parish of Hayfield in the County of
Derby held in the Board School Hayfield
On Tuesday the fourth day of December
1894 at half past Seven o’clock in the evening

Moved by Mr John Thomas Gee seconded by
Mr Joseph Walton and carried

That Mr Christopher Slack CC be the

The following notice of the meeting was read
by the assistant overseer Mr John Fox Gee

Parish of Hayfield
Election of Parish Council

Notice is herby given

1.That the first Parish Meeting for the above-named
parish will be held at the Board School Hayfield
on Tuesday the 4th day of December 1894 at
half past seven o’clock in the evening

2. The business to be transacted at the meeting
will be as follows :-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
December 4th 1894

  1. To Elect a Chairman for the Meeting

  2. To  Elect Parish Councillors

3. The number of Parish Councillors to be
 elected at the meeting is Eight

4. Each candidate for Election as a Parish
Councillor must be nominated in writing.
And the Nomination paper must be handed
in at the Parish Meeting

5. A Parochial Elector may sign Eight
Nomination papers but no more

6. Forms of Nomination paper may be
obtained free of charge at the residence of
Mr John F Gee Spring View Terrace Hayfield

7. Form of Nomination Paper

Dated this twentieth day of November 1894

Albert Slack
William H Wilson

December 4th 1894
The following Nomination Papers were handed
to the Chairman

Ashmet Frederick             Hayfield                                 Physician Surgeon
Moved by             Robert C Band, Chas A Belford

Barber John                         New Houses                        Farmer
                             Abel B Wimpenny, John Lithgow

Bowden John.                         Little Hayfield                 Estate Agent
                             Chris Slack, Thomas Higham

Eyre George William             Fairy Bank                       Clerk
                             Samuel Howard, Norman Wardle

Firth Thomas                      Birch Villas Birch Vale       School Master
                             Thomas Bennett Blacksmith, Joseph Knowles

Garside Luke                               Hayfield                      Stationer
                             Ishmael Pursglove, Alvah Mosserop

Gee John Thomas                Ashes Kinder                      Auctioneer
                             Chris Slack, Joe Hall

Hall Levi Joseph             Morlands   Birch Vale            Manager
                             Chris Slack, George Marriott

Higham Thomas                Stones Head Hayfield          Calico Printers Foreman
                             Chris Slack, Walter J Bradwell

Knowles Joseph                   Walk Mill Hayfield             Insurance Agent
                             Josiah M Walton, Thomas Ashby

Marriott  George                  Spring Bank  Hayfield       Book Keeper
                             Roger H Turner, Williiam J Gould

Mellor Daniel                           Little Hayfield                Insurance Agent
                             Somes Harvey, Thomas Wood

Pollard George                          Hayfield                          Gentleman
                             Luke Garside, Ishmael Pursglove

Poritt William                         Manchester House            Shopkeeper
                             Thomas Bennett Blacksmith, Ricketts R Ricketts

Ricketts Raymond Ricketts,     Vicarage                  Clerk in Holy Orders
                             Alvah Morscrop, Edmund Turner
Slack Albert                                     Oaklands                   Paper Manufacturer
                             Abel B Winipenny, James H Green

Turner Joseph                          West View Hayfield          Gentleman
                             Randal Hadfield, William A Warerhouse

Tickett Robert                        Highgate Hayfield               Gentleman
                             Sam Howard, George Bradshaw

Wilson William Henry             Kinder Bank                      Calico Printer
                             Chris Slack, John Chambers

Wimpenny Abel Buckley            Oak Villa                        Calico Printer
                             Thomas Bennet Blacksmith, Thomas Luck

Woolley Frederic Tinker             South View                     Accountant
                             Wright Brocklihurst, Chris Slack

Wyatt Walter                        Crescent Birch Vale             Grocer
                              James  Baxter Junr, Alfred Sharpley


The chairman put separately to the meeting
The names of the several candidates in the
alphabetical order of their surnames  and
took the votes by show of hands in favour
only of each candidate as follows

Ashmet Frederick                                        62 votes
Barber John                                                 69   “
Bowden John.                                              29   “
Eyre George William                                  71   “
Firth Thomas                                               25   “
Garside Luke                                               62   “
Gee John Thomas                                      130   “
Hall Levi Joseph                                          61  “
Higham Thomas                                          72  “
Knowles Joseph                                           85  “
Mellor Daniel                                              70  "
Marriott  George                                         47  “
Pollard George                                            58 “
Poritt William                                             20  “
Ricketts Raymond Ricketts                        47  “
Tickett Robert                                             43  “
Turner Joseph                                            110  “
Wilson William Henry                                57  “
Wimpenny Abel Buckley                          100  “
Woolley Frederic Tinker                             61  “
Wyatt Walter                                               25  “
Slack Albert                                                64  “

The Chairman stated to the meeting the
number of votes given for each Candidate
and that subject to a poll being demanded
he declared the following Candidates to be
elected  Messers John Thomas Gee, Joseph Turner,
Abel Wimpenny, Joseph Knowles, George Eyre,
Thomas Higham, Daniel Mellor, John Barber

The Rev Ricketts Raymond Ricketts demanded
a poll on behalf of  Mr William Poritt

Signed © Historical Archive Group

Thomas Slack   Chairman

John F Gee      Clerk
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